In The Pickle Barrel is a place to talk about what’s going on in America and my home State of South Carolina. Politics, social issues, or any topic that we, as Americans, should be concerned about is fair game. Maybe by having an open mind and discussing the issues, we’ll find a way to get someone to listen to “WE THE PEOPLE”. Who knows, we might just find someone to lead the charge for some “legitimate and practical change”. Perhaps together we can crawl out of The Pickle Barrel.

Being a long time member of the “Silent Majority” I have decided that it’s time to speak and be heard. I have a mind of my own and I don’t mind sharing my thoughts.

You may, or may not, like what I have to say. However,thanks to our forefathers, the Constitution gives me the right of free speech. I believe in the Constitution and feel that we need to protect every line of it.

Above all, I am an American and darn proud of it!

What is your favorite saying? “If you dare to dream, dare to do.”

Stop by and find out just who has themselves stuck In The Pickle Barrel today!  You can listen, call in, or join the live chat.  “In The Pickle Barrel” is live weekdays at 8AM eastern time Monday through Friday at

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All things are possible, aren’t they?

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Guest Columnist shares thoughts on Gov. Henry McMaster

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Just how free are we as Americans?

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On Being Politically Correct


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